Having mentored many writers as a dramaturg and teacher at Goldsmiths College, I first started to develop my own writing after setting up TouchedTheatre in 2009.  I think about writing through theatre making and I am interested in working within specific formal constraints. My writing has so far explored diverse specific forms including solo puppetry performance, musical, audio drama and verse.  I am particularly interested in observations of the natural world, of place and identity, and in writing for young and veer young audiences.  I also write as a journalist for Total Theatre magazine.



Little Monster (TouchedTheatre). Clowning verse play for 3 – 6 year olds following two puppet monsters on adventure into difference and friendship.

Twinkle Twinkle (TouchedTheatre).  Exploring experience of love and attachment for very young audiences (ages 1 – 3) using a puppet dog and a shining star.   Touring 2017 – 2021.

Homing (New Perspectives Theatre). Audio drama for rural touring

Hedging Your Bets (Northumberland Theatre Company). A new musical adaptation of Doctor Faustus set in a betting shop.

The Crow Who Fell in Love with the Moon (TouchedTheatre). Storytelling performance and the first in a series of five puppetry animal stories

Something Blue (New Perspectives Theatre). Interactive and immersive drama set at a wedding reception, for rural touring

The Smuggler (TouchedTheatre) A miniature verse epic, written in toy theatre rhyming-couplets style for a 1/16th size stage and exploring the smuggling history of the coastal; town of Rottingdean, East Sussex.

Faust [Redacted] (TouchedTheatre).  Adaptation of Marlowe’s Faustus for puppetry in a post-Wikileaks world

Blue (TouchedTheatre). Promenade mystery play about the disappearance of a young woman from a Brighton housing estate

Me & the Sea (TouchedTheatre). An original puppetry and storytelling performance about one young boy’s experience of change.